Pay Your Bill
Columbus - E3P - Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program

August 26, 2015


Columbus Water & Light warns customers to be wary of callers who claim to be from the utility requesting immediate payment for a bill or meter. In one instance in Wisconsin, a caller told a small business owner that he had to pay a $499 deposit that was past due for a new meter – or have his electricity shut off. What’s more, the caller asked that the business owner buy a prepaid debit card to make the payment. These scams take advantage of business owners by calling them at busy times. In other instances, scammers target residential customers, claiming that the household is behind on its electricity bill and needs to pay up now, or that a meter is malfunctioning and could put people at risk.


A new enhanced reward is now available when your service technician does performance tests on your AC system. Forms are available on this website or by contacting the utility. Go to 'For Your Home' tab and 'Conservation Programs'/Central Air Conditioner Tune Up Reward for forms.