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Get Rewarded for Recycling Your Old Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are among the biggest electricity hogs. Using a dehumidifier to suck moisture out of the air can cost more than $100 a year on electricity bills. That is why Columbus Water & Light is offering a program to help residential customers recycle old, wasteful dehumidifiers and replace them with new, energy-efficient models.

We are currently collecting old, working dehumidifiers at the utility office during regular business hours from residential customers. We will recycle the dehumidifiers and cover the recycling fee, resulting in a free service to the Columbus Water & Light customers

In addition, we are providing rebates to help customers become more energy-efficient. Customers purchasing a new ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifier when recycling an old one, will receive $25 per unit as part of the local utility’s Appliance Rebate Program, as well as an additional $25 per unit for recycling the old unit. That is $50 towards the purchase of a new ENERGY STAR® dehumidifier!

To participate in the program, customers will be required to complete a form and submit receipts for the additional rebates.

Click here for more information about Columbus Water & Light's ENERGY STAR® Appliance Program!